School Transition

School transition programs let students engage with their new school to succeed academically and socially. The programs develop friendships across grade levels and create a caring school environment.

Middle and Freshman Transition

This is a 12 hour training (can be done in 3 – 4 hour sessions) in which upper grade peers will learn the skills needed to mentor incoming students who are transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school . Leaders will meet in groups of 5-6 students during regular school time during a scheduled period at least 6 times throughout the first semester and facilitate interactive lessons such as respectful behavior strategies, cultural competencies, sexual harassment, stereotypes, bullying, etc. Incoming students will develop a positive relationship with an upper class student who will help them to learn about their new school, develop positive attitudes and work habits, feel safe and maximize the academic and social successes in their new environment. This program is appropriate for middle schools and high schools and has been shown to influence attrition rates, grades, acceptance of diversity. It also aids the teacher in classroom management. It has been vetted by the Social Policy Research Institute of Menlo Park and by researchers at San Francisco State University.

Freshman Transition Curriculum
Freshman Transition Curriculum
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