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Being An Ally

This 4 hour course offering (includes one hour with staff, 3 with students) trains staff and students in specific strategies that will help them to recognize and neutralize the daily bullying that takes place on the playground, in the classroom and on the internet and replace it with empathy. The training is specially designed to work in single classrooms or single grade levels where the teacher or the team is committed to the program. It can eventually become a school wide program, but this offering can show positive change in a single classroom. The classroom teacher must be engaged with the students to be successful. It would be possible to train two classrooms of students with the involvement of the classroom teacher and one parent or another staff member per class. The extra hour of training includes one hour instruction for the classroom teacher before the student training.

Peer Mentors - grades 9-12

This is a 4 hour training for student leaders who will mentor students that have been referred for bullying, homophobia and/or hate language in an afterschool setting, helping them with their homework and respectful behavior issues on a regular basis.

School Assemblies

Designed by request.

Odd Girl Out - grades 7-12

This is a 2 -1/2 hour film and discussion with young women and their mothers about girl bullying which is scheduled after school or in the evening. Presented by the consultants or can be taught to staff/parents to facilitate

LEARN - Learn Empathy and Respect Now - grades 6-12

This is a 6 hour evening alternative to suspension program which involves students and their parents and a minimum of two local staff members. It requires cooperation from the administrators who make referrals to the program (instead of suspension) for disrespectful or harassing behavior. The training for this program involves 1 hour of staff training, 2 hours of facilitation training and facilitator ( two staff) attendance at the first series of evenings ( 6 hours, 2 hours per week)

This program has also been adapted to be presented as a two hour training for sports teams, dance teams and cheerleaders, either as prevention or for those teams who are facing sportsmanship issues.

Positive Discipline - for parents

2 hour program with a respectful behavior focus

Creating a Common Language of Respect at Home - for parents

2 hour program

The above trainings can also be done for staff and yard duty supervisors as a pre-school staff development activity.

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